Sen. Robert Menendez comes out swinging

After his arraignment last week on federal corruption charges, Sen. Robert Menendez appeared with his attorney, Abbe Lowell, to make a brief statement to news media.  Citing the failed prosecutions of Ted Stevens, John Edwards, and Mike Espy, Lowell said that “prosecutors at the Justice Department often get it wrong” and that “these charges are the latest mistakes.”  Lowell referred to misconduct by agents investigating Senator Menendez, and said that he has asked the DOJ to investigate this misconduct.

Regarding the substance of the allegations, Lowell stated the relationship between Senator Menendez and his alleged co-conspirator, Dr. Salomon Melgen, was a real friendship, and not a corrupt relationship.  The current motions deadline set by the Court is May 1, and it will be interesting to watch this case develop.

See the full video of the statements of Abbe Lowell and Sen. Menendez here:


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